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  • Mercoledi, 8 febbraio 2023

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(Church of Santa Maria)

 "In me all grace" is the phrase written on the lintel of the Santa Maria’s church. In earlier times the church was not dedicated to Santa Maria, but the Lady of the Belt. During a restauration carried out after 1880, came to light a stone bearing the date MCXIV (1114). During this work was also placed the bell of the convent of St. Nicholas.

The building is a beautiful solid rectangular building, with a classic portal carved in stone with a round apse. In the center stood a dome, which was demolished because it was unsafe. Beside the church stands the nursery school built from scratch on the foundations of the ancient monastery of the Discalced Augustinians. On the left side of the church passes the main road while the front there is a leafy square.

A garden and a driveway lined, with mulberry and gliders trees were opened in front of the church until the early 1800's. There was in this garden a cross set on a stone column about 2.30 meters Today the column is placed at the intersection of two streets: Castelluccio/ Celone Bridge street and Old Troia street.

The church was born for worship and devotion to the Blessed Virgin and revered a statue whit beautiful eyes and silk dress. Every year on September 8 is the feast of the Nativity that was carved a wooden statue of young Mary, by the “Stuflesser of Ortisei” (BZ)