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  • Giovedi, 2 febbraio 2023

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(St. Rocco’s Church)

 The ancient church did not have reliable information; it was demolished in 1952 because it was unsafe and the ancient wooden statue of San Rocco was transferred to the Church of St. Mary.

Probably arose for protection against the plague of cattle, pigs and sheep, and against anthrax, called "malignant mbolla" ie fistula and malignant cholera in 1700.

In 1972, performing the work came to light a stone plaque. The Latin inscription reminds to erect a new altar dedicated to St. Rocco, built in 1787 with the popular will. The stone is preserved by a private individual. "This destroyed altar," says the inscription " was restored by the charity of the people and dedicated to St. Rocco, AD 1787".


This inscription was to push for the reconstruction of the church of San Rocco.

St. Rocco is venerated patron of Castelluccio. It is celebrated with religious and civil solemnity August 16.